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Hi, I’m Juin!


Hi, I'm Juin Charnell. 

Welcome to Black Women and Leadership. The goal here is to deliver the best information I can on communication, personal style, business skills, interviewing, dressing for success, office politics and anything in between. Basically helping you move up the ladder of success, as you define it. 

I made Manager in my industry in 7 years. I have 6 Supervisors and over 70 employees. I oversee a budget of over $5,000,000. And I did all that after the age of 45 and in an industry that I hadn't worked in before. 

I have a Master's degree in Technical Communication and a BA in Screenwriting. That just means I like to talk and write. I hope we share some great stories together. 

I know you can go anywhere to find what you are looking for and I hope you'll stick around with me. Because the studies show that it's hard for African-American women to move up in management. I want to help you get yours. I started this site because I did not see any sites that answered the questions I had. So I hope to answer those questions for you.  


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