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I know a lot of you have been waiting and asking for a site that explained the USI investment products and opportunity — Something you could read that summed it up.

Well, here it is!

Not only are we growing and multiplying our bitcoin daily here, and in a big way, there is SOOOO much more now going on and available.

I'll share more on that over the coming days and weeks.

For now, take a look around and see the new USI-tech!

Welcome to a new world!


You do the math

Bitcoin is at $5800 at the time of this writing. If it drops between now and you reading this who cares. It's a liberating sum of money.

But imagine where bitcoin might be in 2 years.

Because in 2 years, I will have exactly 30.2448 bitcoin because I did something anyone can do, starting from ZERO bitcoin just 3 weeks ago. But it will actually be much, much higher because I keep rebuying more BTC as I earn. 

And that's if I don't do another dang thing. 

And I would like to take you with me. But of course most of you won't follow. I get it. I've been at stages in my life where I would have missed this too. Just too busy. What can ya' do?

Here's what YOU can do if you can find the time:

Step 1:  Watch this video on usi-tech.

Step 2:  Register free to get access to the dashboard. (Takes 12 second, I timed it)

Step 3:  Get some bitcoin if you don't already have it ($60 will do)

Step 4: And here's how you get BTC packages once you have bitcoin so you can start getting extra bitcoin every day. 

I hope this post catches you in the right frame of mind to follow through.



Start building wealth now

I think the biggest challenge that impacts African American's is the lack of knowledge centered around building wealth. Okay, building some money, period. If you want to start now, check this video. This is not a joke. I'll show my screen but check this. … PM and I'll send you my referral.

After you watch the video, do your due diligence and research Bitcoin. When I started investing 3 weeks ago, Bitcoin was at $3000 a little over. Today it's at $5000 (a little over). This isn't hard to understand. If you thought long and hard about investing in Facebook and lost that opportunity. Hmmm, about Google and lost that one as well. Don't get left behind. 

This is where I am today. 

This is me on Saturday.

This is me on Saturday.

I will have 25 packages this weekend. Join me. Look at Mike's video. Register here

and get your Bitcoin at Coinbase here

I want you to contact me directly and I'll walk you through it all. 






Self-help growth

One of the things about being gay (and a person of color) is the price we pay for our mental state/health. And I'm not talking literally but figuratively.

As a woman of color who identifies as gay, I have the added pressure of living up to or "performing" in the world that can either add to a positive conversation or exacerbate the stereotype that brews in the back of someone's mind.

In June, I left one job and moved to another. While the previous job was accepting of who I was as a gay woman, my identity as a Black Woman was challenged in so many other ridiculous ways, that I became literally sick. I had headaches and stomach aches for two years because I had to watch how I said this, how I said that, what would be the perception. Was I being "too black" "too outspoken"? I could not go through life or a job that was eating away at my mental health. It wasn't that serious.

We hear all the time about authenticity. We say we want employees and employers to be authentic but that is not true if your form of authenticity has a caveat. When that caveat is "we can't have a conflict on the team or everyone needs to agree all the time" than the need for authenticity fails. Sometimes, people do not get along. The ideas stop if the team is a harmonious lie. If everyone is a yes person, how do you sift through the malaise to find gems of an idea?

We have to live what we believe.

For me, it meant seeing a therapist. I have to make sure my mental state aligns with my values and that means working for people that truly invite ideas and creativity along with my identity as gay and black and woman. I'm not saying throw caution to the wind and discard your filter. I am saying that the ability to share your thoughts and ideas are the best way to protect your mental state without letting a job or employer drive you to snap.

Shortened Virtual Mentor course live!!!

Okay, here is the link

It's ready and if you open the complete course outline, you can see what modules will be added, if there is sufficient interest. What does sufficient interest look like, you may be asking. Well, it means, if 10-20-50 people take the short course, like the workbook, like the videos and ask me to finish the other topics, then that is sufficient interest. And to top it off, everyone that says yes would have access to the remainder of those modules, videos and workbook updates at no additional cost if I decide to complete them later. Yep, a total win.

Do I think what I have out on the course so far is sufficient? Yes. And I'll tell you why. When I started to put this course together, last June, thinking of what I wanted in it, etc. I started drafting information, etc and at the time, I had been a Manager for a year and a half. Today, as I roll out this shortened version, I have since transitioned to a Director position in another agency. The point of all that is to say that everything that got me to a Supervisor, Manager and now Director position is based on what you'll hear in the modules. For a disclaimer, yes I have a BS and an MS. Did those things help me get higher on the career ladder? They didn't hurt but they also didn't help because I started in my previous job with both of those degrees and started at an entry level position and I was in my 40s. So don't let age or lack of education stop you. You might be what someone is looking for. Your life skills COUNT.

Like, I said, the Virtual Mentor course is a reasonable $25. Can I charge more? Yes. I choose not to. And definitely not because I don't want to, I just want more people to reach their goals with a little help than me trying to price gouge someone. Dream big and I'd love to hear your stories.

Here is the link again.  

Change and transformation

Wow. I hadn't realized how long it's been since I posted last. This it not good. So let me catch you up to speed. 

I set up the virtual mentor course in Teachable and have one module to complete before I release it. That took up some time but not all my time. I was in a transition stage of reorganization at work so that took up my energy. I also finished the Get Woke workshops, which I'll talk about in another post, which helped me gain the clarity I needed to recognize how being silent in the workplace as a Person of Color was impacting my health, but I got past that...because I Got Woke. Can't wait to share that with you all. 

But, we are talking about Change. Why do so many people fear it? Why do people say they welcome it and then run, hiding when their help is needed to make a change happen? I like change. I'm not lying. I can't stand things staying the same if the results produced are not productive. That means something needs to be adjusted; hence change. It seems obvious right. But how often do you hear people around you say, "we've always done it that way".  Okay, yeah, I get that. But "always done it that way" was how long ago? Was it 3 years, 5 years, last week? Because 3 years, 5 years and last week, technology changed. So maybe it's time to try how it's always been done with a new twist. 

Transformation means taking inventory of what works and smartly adjusting what doesn't. Don't blow up everything when everything isn't broken. But be open to blow up the things that need a clean new slate. 

I can't wait to hear from you. Any changes going on in your lives? I have some big changes which I'll share later. Until then, be strong, be brave and be authentic because you are the only you in the world and an imitation is never going to be better. 

How to answer an Interview question that sells you

Hi folks, I talk about interviews and other stuff from time to time but I want to actually show you what I mean. 

This was how I answered a question during an interview once. 

  1. Name 5 strengths that make you a valuable asset to the company? My response was bold vision, adherence to deadlines, multi-task without losing focus, fast processor and good self-starter.

From the outside, those looked and I thought sounded like great answers. But they didn't say anything. I was just giving a laundry list of task. If I was asked that question today, this is how I would answer still using my original framework. 

  1. Name 5 strengths that make you a valuable asset to the company?  
  • I have bold vision which I have used to help my team decide on quarterly and annual goals. We decided on those goals by having a one day retreat. 
  • I adhere to deadlines by making sure they everyone involved on a project knows what their task are and I check in regularly to make sure we complete projects on time. I make sure if we are using Microsoft Project that everyone knows how to use it. I make sure that if the deadline is going to run late, I let the main stakeholder know well in advance because I may not know how my delay can impact other projects.
  • I multi-task which studies now show isn't always the most productive way to spend our time. So I have streamlined this approach by setting a timer for each task and I use Notes on the computer. As I complete each task, I delete the Note from the screen which is a visual clue to what is remaining and if I need to shift work. And now I get more done without wasting time working on multiple projects and losing focus.
  • I am a fast processor because I utilize spreadsheets and/or software that make redundancies quicker. And if it's a memo for example that I have to send out annually, I just update the portion that needs to be updated rather than waste time writing a new one. 
  • As for being a self-starter, I have the autonomy within my management team to outline projects that fall under my control and make them better or create something new. (For this one, you just have to have a vision of what's on the horizon for your industry and tell how you'd do something innovative). 

I hope this lets you see how you can actually create a picuture by letting an interviewer see how you do the work not just the laundry list. 


Survey help please

***Have you struggled with finding a good mentor? Please take my 2 min survey!*** How are you doing? Thanks for stopping by. I am putting together a course on how to find an amazing mentor and I need your help! If you've STRUGGLED to find a HIGH-QUALITY MENTOR to coach you through GETTING A PROMOTION AT WORK, or TAKING YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL, please take my 2 min survey!  

***Have you struggled with finding a good mentor? Please take my 2 min survey!***

How are you doing? Thanks for stopping by. I am putting together a course on how to find an amazing mentor and I need your help!

If you've STRUGGLED to find a HIGH-QUALITY MENTOR to coach you through GETTING A PROMOTION AT WORK, or TAKING YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL, please take my 2 min survey!