Interview oops

I was talking to someone recently about interviews. And she was mainly talking about how she didn't have the complete education but she had tons of experience. For about 3 minutes she went on about all the negatives that she didn't have. Clothes. Hair. Make-up. All excuses. And she wondered why she didn't get the job.

My feedback to anybody coming into an interview with me is STOP telling me (or any employer) all the things you don't have. So you don't have the education. So you don't have the exact experience. You have to remember that if you got a call for an interview, you must have met the minimum qualifications so why are you telling me not to hire you.

Because believe it or not, that's what you are doing. You are selling yourself out of a job and it's a lot harder to get me to want to hire you when you don't believe in yourself. It's not a huge bias but it can be one that impacts how Supervisors or Managers try to factor in having you (with all that negativity) fitting into their existing team. 

When you go into an interview, I want to hear how you think you can make a difference with what you already know and then I can teach you the rest. I can coach you on the parts you don't understand especially when you are going into a position where obviously you aren't doing the work yet. I want you to come into the interview confident and self-assured but not cocky, arrogant and over the top. Be yourself, be humble, be the person they want to hire because you are the missing part of the team that they didn't know was missing. 

Just my thoughts.