I started this page because I saw some missing pieces to help Black Women move up in Leadership positions. I'm not in the C-suite but in my role as Manager, it compares to vice-president level in some organizations. I have 6 Supervisors and staff upwards of 100 people. I'm interested in sharing tips and ideas that pertain to gaining leadership, through what works in coaching, feedback, communication, style (which has a range from top of your head to the soles of your feet). And I'd ike ask what do you want to know? What has caused you to stall in your career? How are you going about changing the perception of you to the reality of what you can offer? I constantly say there is a difference between managing and leading, being a Manager versus being a Leader. Which do you want to be known for and how do you blend the two so that your employees like not just you but their job as well. People choose to show up for a job for multiple reasons, do you want one of those reasons to be that they'd still show up even if they weren't being paid? Isn't that a wonderful thought.