Your integrity is all you have.

One of the things I value is my integrity which is to do the right thing at all times. Someone once said don't do anything you wouldn't want on the 5:00 news or your parents to read about you in the paper. As a leader, you will make unintentional mistakes. What you do after you make the mistake will carry you forward as a leader or as someone who just wants to keep their job. If you make a mistake, own it. No one ever got fired because they made one mistake, but repeatedly making the same one, hiding it and then getting found it, you will. Being a leader doesn't make you infallible so don't force yourself up on that pedestal because you'll have a hard time trying to stay up there, keeping your balance. When others try to put in compromising positions, ask yourself, why the rush? What do they have to gain? And if you know it's not ethical and bumps up against your value of integrity, have the courage to say no. Once you compromise your integrity, it's worst to have to live with that decision.