Maintaining your sanity

Here in Saint Paul, MN the violence that has occurred around the country, hit home. Emotions are running high. People are running scared. People are demonstating, questioning and trying to make sense of it all. And, if we let it, fear will become the motivation for all our actions. In order to keep moving forward, we need to find a way to be calm amongst the chaos.

As difficult as life outside the business world becomes, once you are inside your workplace how do you keep your sanity? How do you continue to build colloborative relationships with co-workers when everybody is feeling raw, and vulnerable? How do  you repair the damage of snapping someone's head off when your anger and frustration is misplaced?

  • Take time off from work. If you can take an extended vacation, do so. Then when you return to work, you'll feel refreshed enough to keep the personal and professional separate. Recognizing that other's may be confused as well.
  • Talk to other liked minded people. Not to fuel each other's fires, but to speak on your pain and solutions. In talking about possible solutions, you bring hope back into the conversation. And you keep alive the relationships. And you continue to bridge fears and engender trust. 
  • Ask yourself how much of what is happening really, truly impacts you. From a macro to a micro level. And then try to find a way to live within those. Not to mitigate the reality, but looking at it from a different lens.

By no means am I negating anyone's feelings. And these are only my thoughts and preceptions. The trauma being felt by ALL people is real. And I'll leave my heart open to feel and love.