Webinar fear

Hi folks,

I was supposed to do a live webinar last week. But this is what happened.


I didn't do it because I chickened out. Let's talk about how our fear of failure stops us from moving to a better place for ourselves, our families and our future. 

I've conducted training, facilitated workshops, been published as a columnist and even performed on stage in the past. But somehow, the idea of doing a live broadcast freaked me out. So I put off putting my slides together, I put off buying the best microphone I could use, or the best camera I could afford and all because I was afraid I'd be live and no one would show up. That was a bad move on my part. I should have put together my slides, my audio, and edited the darn thing and just put it up as a "webinar" not a "live webinar". These are the things we do to sabotage our careers. Purposely let fear run us.

We say we don't have the right clothes for an interview. We say I need to have more years under my belt (even when you meet the minimum qualifications), we make excuses and then we want to complain that someone else is doing better than us. They were prepared. Sure, go ahead and call it that. Or be real and say, they didn't let fear stop them. 

I'm going to New York today to enjoy the USA Olympic Team Women's Basketball but in the next couple of weeks, I'm going to put my webinar together. And it's just going to be ready for anyone that decides to take a look. I will not let fear run me any longer. And I'll put a countdown on it. And one day soon after that, I'll do a live webinar. Because all you need is one person to show up and I hope it will be you.