Levels to truth

There will be moments when I want to tell you all some things but I have to be aware of my audience. This self-censoring is due to my job and who reads these post. I have to make sure that while I want to be expressive and informative, I have to make sure that I don't disclose information that might be private. I think I'll keep the most explosive bits of "my truth" to the private forum that I'll create later. This way, we can all chat without fear of reprisal. And reprisals are real. 

I'm lucky that I work for a company that does not troll Facebook, Instagram or other social medial outlets to use that information against workers. I would be a fool to think that other companies don't use that information against workers. We've read in the paper the firings that happen because someone was in a drunken picture or said something disparaging about the company they work for and it being used against them. You don't want to be that person.

And I want this blog and eventual forum to be a place where women of color and more specifically, black women, get to talk their truth without someone who isn't the global majority coming along and asking "why they aren't included". It's going to be diferent. And real. At least this is my hope. And while I want all my sisters to tag along and get real, not all sisters are my sisters. If you feel what I'm saying, can I get an amen. 

So please don't be put off by my truth. Because I am the center of my universe just like you are the center of yours. I just want to expand my sphere to include you.