You do the math

Bitcoin is at $5800 at the time of this writing. If it drops between now and you reading this who cares. It's a liberating sum of money.

But imagine where bitcoin might be in 2 years.

Because in 2 years, I will have exactly 30.2448 bitcoin because I did something anyone can do, starting from ZERO bitcoin just 3 weeks ago. But it will actually be much, much higher because I keep rebuying more BTC as I earn. 

And that's if I don't do another dang thing. 

And I would like to take you with me. But of course most of you won't follow. I get it. I've been at stages in my life where I would have missed this too. Just too busy. What can ya' do?

Here's what YOU can do if you can find the time:

Step 1:  Watch this video on usi-tech.

Step 2:  Register free to get access to the dashboard. (Takes 12 second, I timed it)

Step 3:  Get some bitcoin if you don't already have it ($60 will do)

Step 4: And here's how you get BTC packages once you have bitcoin so you can start getting extra bitcoin every day. 

I hope this post catches you in the right frame of mind to follow through.