Shortened Virtual Mentor course live!!!

Okay, here is the link

It's ready and if you open the complete course outline, you can see what modules will be added, if there is sufficient interest. What does sufficient interest look like, you may be asking. Well, it means, if 10-20-50 people take the short course, like the workbook, like the videos and ask me to finish the other topics, then that is sufficient interest. And to top it off, everyone that says yes would have access to the remainder of those modules, videos and workbook updates at no additional cost if I decide to complete them later. Yep, a total win.

Do I think what I have out on the course so far is sufficient? Yes. And I'll tell you why. When I started to put this course together, last June, thinking of what I wanted in it, etc. I started drafting information, etc and at the time, I had been a Manager for a year and a half. Today, as I roll out this shortened version, I have since transitioned to a Director position in another agency. The point of all that is to say that everything that got me to a Supervisor, Manager and now Director position is based on what you'll hear in the modules. For a disclaimer, yes I have a BS and an MS. Did those things help me get higher on the career ladder? They didn't hurt but they also didn't help because I started in my previous job with both of those degrees and started at an entry level position and I was in my 40s. So don't let age or lack of education stop you. You might be what someone is looking for. Your life skills COUNT.

Like, I said, the Virtual Mentor course is a reasonable $25. Can I charge more? Yes. I choose not to. And definitely not because I don't want to, I just want more people to reach their goals with a little help than me trying to price gouge someone. Dream big and I'd love to hear your stories.

Here is the link again.